Major functions of the Programs included coordinated environmental project review of shoreline development projects, physical works or activities, and the coordination and production of important studies and publications to guide the management of Burrard Inlet and the Fraser River Estuary.

At the time of closure, the Programs’ resources and publications were distributed among the partner agencies for ongoing use in the sustainable management of Burrard Inlet and the Fraser River. BIEAP and FREMP publications are publicly accessible online at “EcoCat” - The Ecological Reports Catalogue of the Province of British Columbia.

Throughout its existence, BIEAP and FREMP coordinated the production and hosted several important Geographic Information System (GIS) tools. One such tool, the FREMP Habitat Classification System (colour coding) mapping of the Fraser River continues to inform project review undertaken by Port Metro Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia.

BIEAP and FREMP GIS tools are now available via the FREMP Atlas of Community Mapping Network’s website.

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